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Have a garden but don't know what to plant?


Curated Collections

Browse our perfect pairings, our ready made collections are designed using a combination of bulbs, plants and seeds to keep your garden in bloom from Spring to Winter

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Bespoke Design

Maximise every inch of your garden with a tailored approach. We provide a range of  affordable packages to transform your garden into a blissful oasis

Now is the time to buy...

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Summer Bulbs

Fill all those gaps between plants with a splash of vibrant colour

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Scatter these easy to grow seeds for extra flower power this summer

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Use Hardy Perennials for the bulk of planting schemes.  These are plants which survive tough winters and reappear each summer 

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All Year Bloom was created to help everyone who has a garden but doesn't know what to plant to get gardening with confidence.  


I have been a designer for many years and have been lucky enough to study with the great plantsman Piet Oudolf who specialises in creating 'plant communities', swathes of plants that knit together and once established look after themselves.  I am obsessed with plants and continue to learn.  I extensively study the excellent work of James Hitchmough of Sheffield University and Noel Kingsbury in the creation of sustainable and ecologically sound gardening practices. 

I love creating gardens for non gardeners filled with easy plants, still gorgeous but what I call "Plant, Water & Enjoy" plants.  No complicated processes, no technical jargon and no gardening knowledge necessary.  Gardening is a joy when you feel confident about what you're doing! 

The biggest most important contribution you can make to combat environmental damage by climate change is to create a garden with successional flowering from February to November.  Bees and other invaluable pollinators have lost 99% wildflower meadows since WW2.  Together we can create a patchwork of back and front gardens to restore lost habitats for these little guys.  Save the world - plant your garden with all year bloom.


Bee a hero - get planting!