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Have a garden but don't know what to plant?

Then welcome to All Year Bloom.  The gardening site for 'non-gardeners'.

We create custom planting plans designed to flower all year round to make the most of your valuable outdoor space. 


A beautiful garden with interest in all seasons is not only possible – it’s easy.   Honest.


Ready to fall deeply in love with your garden? 

Then ping us an email.  Don’t worry, we will never hound you with pushy sales emails


How it works

A unique service of garden design to maximise your valuable outdoor space.  Here's how it works

  1.  Drop us an email to get the ball rolling

  2. Arrange a time for garden survey to assess site aspect, sun and shade levels, soil types, soil acidity, etc.

  3.  Choose your garden style : Formal/Contemporary, etc.  Choose your ideal colour combinations Hot & Vibrant or Cool and Calming, etc.  This is your garden and everything will be bespoke for your preference.

  4.  Purchase your designs complete with planting plans , planting information,

  5.  If desired, let us source your plants to be shipped directly to your door (extra charge)


We discuss colour palettes, planting styles and survey your garden for shade and sun levels, soil type, water levels.  Allow 30 mins to 1 hr.

Image by Green Chameleon

Planting Plans

£289 *

We create a fully bespoke planting plan designed for your garden, with clearly detailed planting instructions.  We include lifetime care instructions for every plant we recommend. 


There are four crucial steps to an all year bloom garden. Evergreen structure, easy care perennials that return every year, bulbs for spring colour and annual seeds to fill all gaps.

*average size suburban garden

MINI DESIGN_edited.png

Plant Sourcing


Want us to source all plants, bulbs and seeds on your behalf and arrange shipping directly to your door?  Real life gardening is not an instant 24 hour makeover.  It takes four seasons to create a dream garden.  It's important to do things in the correct order and at the right time of year.  We will only ship plants when it is the best time to plant.  Let us take care of the timings all you have to do is pull on your wellies and get digging!

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"The right plant for the right place"

Beth Chatto



Woodview Cottage, Stonehaven


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