bulbs are invaluable for bringing rich colour into a drab winter garden

why dig a hole for one bulb when you can dig a hole and plant a multi layer bulb lasagne?

layering bulbs can give you flowers from February through to June when the plants take over the show.  

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Easy Peasy Spring Bulb Lasagne Recipe

Layer 1 - Top Layer - Mix of Crocus and Iris Reticulata - Flowers February and March

Layers 2 & 3 - Middle Layer - Two layers of Tulips - a mix of Early and Late gives a long season - Flowers April and May

Layer 4 - Bottom Layer -  Large Alliums - Flowers June

Choose between the ultra contemporary and classy Key Lime Whites, or the co-ordinated and harmonious Cafe Bombon, or go all out and bejewel your garden with a lush carpet of velvet drama with Berry Berry Frou Frou.   

Lining the bottom of the planting hole with grit, gravel or sand to aid drainage will give you much happier, nobody likes standing around  with wet feet.

Meet The Bulbs