Our Bespoke Planting Plans are perfect for those who have a garden but don't know what to plant 

What You Get :

Garden Survey to assess soil ph and composition, sun and shade levels

Design Brief to agree colour palettes and planting style

Planting Plans showing plant spacing and lifetime care instructions

Quotation for supply of plants, bulbs and seeds

Quotation for planting if required

* Additional areas can be added for £10 per square metre)


Gorgeous planting designed to flower from early summer to autumn


A bulb recipe designed to flower for six months from February


Easy to grow seed recommendations to complement your planting

If your garden needs a little more help than fantastic planting can bring check out our exciting full on garden design packages

why it works and why you'll love it

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Creating a garden that looks beautiful all year round from a few trips to the garden centre each year can be tricky.  It's time to forget garden centre singletons and get a layered planting scheme that is beautiful in all seasons, improves year on year and a garden you can be confident looking after.

Plant Layering is an art form to ensure as the seasons progress there are always successional levels of interest. This layered approach ensures minimal areas of bare soil for weeds, so a densely planted area needs far less maintenance as well as non stop flowers.

We choose plants based on 'right plant, right place'.  This means sun and shade levels are considered in addition to the impact of surrounding structures, trees, wind exposure, etc.  This means every plant chosen for your garden has every chance of thriving.

A well stocked garden that flowers from February to November crowds out weeds and makes you an absolute hero to wildlife.  

Our plant choices are always easy to care for and full lifetime care instructions are included.

This approach is a lifetime solution for your garden.  It takes a few seasons to create an All Year Bloom garden.  Once it's planted it just gets better year on year and only needs minimal maintenance and a big annual tidy up at the end of Autumn. 


Gardening does not get easier than this.

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All Year Bloom was created to help everyone who has a garden but doesn't know what to plant to get gardening with confidence.


I have been a designer for many years and have been lucky enough to study with the great plantsman Piet Oudolf who specialises in creating 'plant communities', swathes of plants that knit together and once established look after themselves.  I have also extensively studied the work of James Hitchmough and Noel Kingsbury in the creation of sustainable and ecologically sound gardening practices.  

I love creating gardens for non gardeners filled with easy plants, still gorgeous but what I call "Plant, Water & Enjoy" plants.  No complicated processes, no technical jargon and no gardening knowledge necessary.  All our designs are supplied with planting instructions, life time care instructions, and a quotation for supply of plants, bulbs & seeds to be shipped directly to your door.  


A gorgeous garden is not only so beneficial for our well being but crucial for our valuable pollinators.  Over 90% of our UK wildflower meadows have been lost in the last century.  No wonder our poor bees are struggling. 

Bee a hero - get planting!

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