How to sow annual seeds

Direct sow seeds also known as 'throw and grow' seeds are the cheapest and easiest gardening you will ever do.  Weed the area you want to sow, you don't want to be nurturing a patch of dandelions.  Give the soil a gentle rake to loosen the surface. Water the area really well before you start otherwise the water carries the seeds to the lowest point.  Then sprinkle the seeds as you wish.  You can cast a single variety of seed to create drifts of one flower or mix them all up to create a jumble of flowers.  Little tip, it's easier to spot the weeds amongst a drift of the same seedlings.  Space them out well.  I hate 'thinning out' which means removing the weaker baby seedlings to give the bigger ones more space to grow.  It feels cruel and judgemental and wasteful.  I sow every three weeks from March to June.  This means as some have flowered, more are still coming through and this gives months of colour.  I have been trialling seeds for over 20 years and these are my top picks.


All varieties are good and super easy, there are so many different annual poppy seeds.  Annual means they only flower for one year.  However, some create seed heads once the flower is over so in theory you only need to sow poppies once to have them forever.  Let's take a look at some favourites.

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