Nature is wonderful and plants just want to grow.  A beautiful, abundant garden is a gift for the soul and one of the most important things you can do to combat the effects of climate change on wildlife.  Our unique service means you will be creating a garden with confidence with plants chosen to thrive, no matter what garden conditions you have.  We strongly believe in 'Right Plant, Right Place'.  Choosing plants that will do well and then planting abundantly means less maintenance and very little spare soil for weeds to appear in addition to maximising every square inch of your garden with beautiful, successional flowering.

Soil PH & Composition Analysis

Soils range from acidic to alkaline and choosing plants that love your soil is critical. Soil composition can vary between different areas of the same garden depending on surrounding trees and drainage.  There are plants that will adore any garden condition, so don't shoehorn in plants and hope for the best.  Damp, shady areas well planted with dramatic jungle planting can make it the most attractive part of the garden.  There are plants that will flower their heads off for months in dry, stony soil and need nothing in return.  Get the right plants in the right place and they look after themselves. Planting to suit your soil is crucial.

how to analyse soil ph

Planting Style

Different planting styles suit different gardens.  Styles range from strong architectural planting to soft romantic cottage garden schemes.

Styled Garden

Sun & Shade Map

Full Sun Plants do best with 6 hours plus of direct sunshine.  If they are in a shadier area they will grow leggy and lean over trying to catch the rays.  Semi sun plants love to get 3 to 6 hours of direct sunshine or all day dappled shade.  If they get more than this they can collapse and wilt and need constant watering to keep them alive.  Most gardens have a mixture of full sun, semi sun and full shade areas.  Gardens always look amazing when the planting is co-ordinated to harmonise between all areas to give a really cohesive look.

plants for dry gravel

Designing with Colour

The exciting bit!  Choose from cool and classy lime green and whites combination, amazing when repeated throughout the whole garden.  Or how about hot and vibrant magentas, with velvety plums and deep silky tangerine - yum! Colour schemes can be altered between spring and summer plantings meaning you can get really imaginative.

colour wheel_50595403.png


mediterranean plants.jpg

Not only do you get a list of plants chosen to be perfect for your garden, you will also receive a 'bulb lasagne' recipe to ensure your garden flowers it's socks off in Spring and Autumn.  Crucial for creating interest out of the summer season.

Notice how dense the planting is, this blocks weeds from appearing.   Both borders shown here would have a Spring Flowering Bulb Lasagne with flowering starting in February through to June.


We can supply all plants and bulbs and guarantee to be cheaper than retail.