Some gardens need a bit of a rethink to get the best out of them.  This is particularly true for East or North facing gardens. Just because the patio is at the back door doesn't make it the best place to sit.  Every garden has a sweet spot around which all other things should revolve.  With gardens getting ever smaller it's essential to get the best from your valuable outdoor space.

Every garden can be transformed with clever design. We are unique in charging an agreed upfront fee rather than a percentage of total build cost. 


This garden had no privacy from the house behind.  The 6ft fence panels have been added in virtually as the existing fence was small and broken.  The replacement of the fence has been agreed by the neighbour.  Despite this the issue with privacy would not be solved.  Also the patio at the back of the house was only sunny until 3pm and had no evening sun. With no children or pets to consider there was a strong desire to lose the lawn entirely.



This existing patio is East facing and loses sun by afternoon.  The owner has mobility issues and never used the garden beyond the existing paving.  



This garden was designed twice.  In the first design shown below the design brief was to capture more evening sun and so a new patio was to be added closer to the fence to capture more West facing light.  The fence to be painted charcoal to help it disappear and the planting chosen to be low maintenance Mediterranean style to suit the gritty low fertile soil and plants that wouldn't require much watering or care once established.

mediterranean plants.jpg


The addition of a small tree solved some privacy issues, and will provide further screening as it matures, but it's the summer house that has transformed this garden.  Providing privacy when seated at the new patio area without casting shade.  Lighting and power have been added to the summer house to encourage evening use. The addition of two patios gives space for outdoor dining and sunbathing.  The remaining grass will be replaced with gravel for low maintenance.



Wide, smooth but textured paving gives safe access to an open and accessible seating area.  This client loves flowers and wanted to be surrounded with colour and fragrance.  Maintenance is made easier by this planting structure being set away from the fence allowing access from all sides.  No kneeling is required for plant maintenance.  The dense planting reduces the scope for weeds to take hold. These plants are hardy perennials meaning they disappear in winter and reappear late Spring.  They are underplanted with a spring bulb lasagne meaning this planter flowers its socks off from February to October.  It's visible from the house so gives an enormous pleasure to the owner.



The original design was amended as the owners got a puppy! The requirement for the extra patio area remained but the need to retain more lawn area for the dog to play meant that the original planting design was removed.  The patio was also moved further up towards the back fence to increase the grassy area. Planting was changed to be more robust but with some gorgeous planters filled with French Lavenders the Provence vibe is still captured.