"The garden is a love song, a duet between a human being and mother nature" Jeff Cox

Bring beauty and life in all seasons

Contemporary planting explained

You see a packet of seeds, I see a meadow

The soil is your canvas, paint a pretty picture

You see a box of bulbs, I see a magical carpet of bloom

When it's done right, you can see it's done right

french style small garden.jpg


Creating a garden that looks beautiful all year round from a few trips to the garden centre each year can be tricky. 

We choose plants based on 'right plant, right place'.  This means sun and shade levels are considered in addition to the impact of surrounding structures, trees, wind exposure, etc.  This means every plant chosen for your garden has every chance of thriving.

A well stocked garden that flowers from February to November crowds out weeds and makes you an absolute hero to wildlife.  

Our plant choices are always easy to care for and full care instructions are included.

This approach is a lifetime solution for your garden.  It takes a few seasons to create an All Year Bloom garden.  Once it's planted it just gets better year on year and only needs minimal maintenance and a big annual tidy up at the end of Autumn. 


Gardening does not get easier than this.