If you are going to dig a hole for some bulbs you may as well dig a deeper one and add a bulb 'lasagne'.  A bulb lasagne gives six months of colour.   Something all bulbs hate (unless noted otherwise) is sitting about with wet feet all winter.  I highly recommend adding horticultural grit to the bottom of the planting hole and mixing grit through the soil/compost to aid drainage.  The bulbs mentioned here like to be in an open sunny spot, but will tolerate a semi sun position.  The months shown below are the flowering times.  The bulbs all go in together in November / December.

Spring Bulb Flowering Times 

1 plant layering 5_png.png

This lasagne is the most important thing you can plant to help pollinators.  How many gardens in your neighbourhood are filled with flowers from February?  There won't be many.  Bulbs are inexpensive and most reappear each year without fuss.  It's the easiest way to get all year flowers.

Spring Bulb Planting Depths

Autumn Bulb Planting (1).jpg

To extend your Spring flowers plant them at slightly deeper depths.  Notice on the bulb planting depth chart above Large Alliums/Tulips and Lilies are listed at 15cm and up to 30 cm.  The deeper they are planted the longer they take to come up.  So you can stagger the flowering time by a few weeks using this technique.

Now the fun bit lets take a look at how gorgeous they are 


If you want to save the bees Crocus and Iris Reticulata (Dwarf Iris) bulbs are without doubt the best plants you can grow.  Inexpensive and easy to plant, these little early flowering  beauties are life savers for early bees.  Bee a hero and plant these in your garden!

Dwarf Iris


The Queens of the Spring Border!

This is when you know winter is over and Spring has sprung.  

A big group with many varieties, be sure to pick a mix of Early, Mid and Late flowering tulips this gives 6 to 8 weeks of amazing, rich, velvety colour.  Without doubt, an addiction in the making.  Tulips tend to put on their best display in their first year. In subsequent years the flowers tend to be smaller and lesser the following years.  Don't let this put you off.  The joy of a garden of tulips can not be overstated after a long, dark winter.