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Shady areas tend to get a bit forgotten about but this is a missed opportunity.  There are many exquisite and dramatic plants that can fill areas that don't get much use.  I like to use lime and fresh whites to brighten gloomy corners.


Sunny areas provide endless exciting combinations.  However less is more.  A hotch potch of garden centre singletons will look messy.  Use lots of of repetition for a cohesive look

and more

Adding bulbs, corms, tubers and seeds are key to fill every inch of your garden for true all year bloom

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Who is your garden?

Every garden is different so this bespoke approach is perfect. 


During your consultation we will discover the various aspects of your garden that are necessary in creating a successful planting. 


It's crucial to discover which areas will need full sun planting, shade planting and areas with some sun and part shade.  Getting this right is the primary step for your new plants to be happy.  We will also take a look at the condition of the soil and choose plants accordingly.  This will be done via video call or if preferred videos can be emailed.  Full instructions given at time of booking.