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An invaluable plant for shade but also partial sun. Grow this for apple green pleated foliage which collect dew drops as if made of velvet. Unattractive to slugs it creates a dense undergrowth for showier plants. It has a playful habit and will spread happily. Useful as a foil for other plants and fabulous as a lawn edger. Flowers are chartreuse green, remove spent flowerheads to restrict self seeding if free plants are not your thing!


Flowers from Late Spring to Mid summer. Eventual height 60 cms. Happiest on moist, slightly shaded soils but indestructible and useful in all situations.


This is a hardy perennial meaning it will die back in Winter but will survive any winter conditions and return the following years.   There comes a time each year in late Summer when I look at Alchemilla and hate it.  The leaves become duller, darker green and lose their fluffy velvet texture.  Just cut it right back to the ground when looking unattractive and new leaves will appear within weeks.  If you are looking for indestructible plant then you can't do better than Alchemilla's.

Alchemilla Mollis

  • Available within 2 weeks during summer months

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