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40 Bulbs. All Year Bloom tulip collections are unique, we create a mix of early and late flowering tulips to ensure a longer tulip season.  Berry Berry Frou Frou is a carefully curated collection of double peony style tulips in strong, rich berry colours.  Six to eight weeks of tulip magnificence flowering from April to May.


Full sun areas are best for tulips, as the bulb foliage likes to be baked in the sun to aid flowering in subsequent years.  To further help your bulbs return year on year, add gravel to the base of the planting hole to create good drainage.  Once flowering is finished cut off the entire flowering stalk right down to the base to prevent the bulb wasting energy to create seeds.  This ensures all the energy is returned to the bulb for flowering the following year.  Allow all foliage to die back naturally as this process also feeds the bulb. 


To minimise unnecessary packaging our bulb collections are sold in brown paper bags designed for easy composting/recycling. 

Berry Berry Frou Frou Tulip Collection

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