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Deep magenta thistle plumes, completely hardy and returning reliably every year.  Loved by bees the flower heads grow on long stems which is good as the leaves can be unattractive yet easily covered by growing more attractive companion plants at the base.  This variety does not have spiny leaves. Pair it with geraniums or grasses.  It prefers full sun but can tolerate some shade too.  If planted in too much shade the stems will grow exceptionally long but tip over looking for sun.  Once flowering is over the flowers become cottony seedheads.  This variety is sterile so don't worry it will not invade and take over your entire garden.


Flowers early to mid Summer.  


This is a hardy perennial meaning it will die back in Winter but will survive any winter conditions and return the following years.   Allow to die back naturally.  Spent flowerheads can be removed.


Cirsium rivulare Atropurpureum 9cm pot

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