This is a lifetime solution for your garden.  Our planting plans are hand drawn to scale and completely bespoke for your garden addressing all your needs, ie screening out the neighbours, creating a sheltered sunny spot and helping you to create a garden you can enjoy all year round knowing every inch of valuable outdoor space is being maximised.


All our plans are intended to create dense areas of planting using a plant layering technique.  This minimises areas of bare soil once plants are established and drastically reduces the need for weeding. We only recommend plants that are easy to look after with minimal care. No lifting and overwintering indoors, no complicated processes, ever.  Just plant, water and enjoy!

Bespoke Planting Plan

For £100 add another garden, ie your front garden
    • Hand Drawn Bespoke Planting Plan complete with Plant Spacing and Planting Information
    • Sun & Shade Map of your Garden
    • Lifetime Care Instructions for each and every plant we recommend
    • Spring Flowering Bulbs List designed to complement your planting plan
    • Direct Sow Seeds List created to maximise and enhance your planting plans and fill any gaps until plants mature
    • Quotes for supply of plants or recommendations for online suppliers. 





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