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Position : Shade

Fully Hardy

Flowers : April to June

Indestructible and amazing Euphorbia for shady parts where nothing else grows. Mostly grown for it's superb, chartreuse green flowers from spring to summer. Save this Euphorbia for shade, especially in those difficult to grow spots we all have. It's a spreading perennial meaning it will spread via underground rhizome and form a colony. It also likes to spread by self seeding so it definitely belongs in the playful section! It's invaluable as an architectural ground cover plant, pair it with ferns and hostas, put give it plenty of space. Snails don't touch it and it's not fussy on soil conditions. It's useful for vases as a highly complementary foliage filler but sear cut stems in boiling water first to seal the cut ends and wear gloves or wash hands to avoid the milky sap becoming an irritant.

Euphorbia amygdaloides var Robbiae

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