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25 Bulbs.   Another important bulb of the early Spring season.  These early flowers emerge in March for Scottish gardens,  and take over from the Crocus as the early source of food for bees.  


Not only are dwarf Iris essential for bees, they are really intricate and beautiful as well as delicately fragrant.  Well worth growing some extra for cutting and taking into the house.  I like these in ink bottle vases on the bedside table.


Plant at a depth of at least 10cm.  If you plant more shallowly, they will flower well in the first year but in subsequent years the bulb will split and produce only leaves and no flowers.  Suitable for planting in pots, the front of borders and in the lawn. 


Full sun areas are best, as the bulb foliage likes to be baked in the sun to aid flowering in subsequent years.  To further help your bulbs return year on year, add gravel to the base of the planting hole to create good drainage.  Allow all foliage to die back naturally as this process also feeds the bulb.  Since this is crucial for repeat flowering the dwarf Iris is perfect in grass as the foliage die back happens well before grass cutting starts.   


To minimise unnecessary packaging our bulb collections are sold in brown paper bags designed for easy composting/recycling. 

Iris Reticulata Spring Flowering

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