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5 bulbs.


A later flowering tulip Dordogne a gentle shimmery salmon tinted creamy wonder.  A very robust tulip which looks gorgeous with a very dark tulip such as Queen of Night. A single late tulip


All Tulips need a sunny spot, preferably an area of the garden that gets full sun, i.e. 6 hours plus.  Tulips will do well in their first year if they get less than this but rely on a good level of sunlight as flowering finishes and the leaves absorb light to create energy for the bulb for the following year. 


All bulbs require good drainage and we strongly recommend adding grit, gravel or sand to planting holes to aid drainage.   Bulbs will rot if they are waterlogged.    If you garden on very heavy clay soil, use tulips in pots as they will not perform well in clay soil.

Tulip Dordogne

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