Fixed Price Garden Design

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Perfect for a mature garden needing extra colour and interest in all seasons


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Perfect for new build gardens or gardens with not much interest or needing screening for extra privacy

£39 + £10/M

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Perfect for gardens needing a rethink on layout and new build gardens being created from scratch


We decided to do things a little bit differently in offering fixed price garden design.  Normally a garden designer charges a percentage of the overall project cost. In other words, until you finalise a design you won't know the cost of employing a designer.  This means many garden owners miss out on a skilled design for their garden. We want to make great garden design achievable for everyone.

  • Package 1 - Design Consultation : This is what most established gardens benefit from.  Your garden will be surveyed for sun and shade levels, soil analysis and planting style.  You receive planting advice on how to add a layer of successional flowering planting for each area of your garden.  

  • Package 2 - Border Design Service : Any garden can be completely transformed with the clever use of the right plants.  The right package for you if you are happy with your garden layout but want to add bags of colour and interest all through the year or use plants to create more privacy and shelter. You receive a bespoke planting plan and lifetime plant instructions.

  • Package 3 - Garden Makeover : Our Garden Makeover is so affordable as we provide design only.  Experienced and good landscape gardeners don't need to be project managed and supervised.  This is a great option for new build gardens or for gardens that don't have the layout you want.  

If you're unsure which package is best for you - go for Package 1, it's great way to get some ideas and get to know what planting style best suits your garden and what kind of plants will thrive in your space.