All our plants are 'hardy' this means they will survive our Scottish winters.  Choose a mixture of early, mid and late summer flowering plants to ensure you make the most of the summer season.  Add grasses and great foliage plants to create a more polished look .  Aim for a ratio of 60 to 70% flowering plants with 30 to 40% foliage/grass.   Adding a tree elevates your eye line across the garden to the sky - we have included 3 great trees for small gardens.  Small gardens look smaller when all the boundaries are visible - clothing them with climbers not only blurs the limits but adds extra valuable space for colour, fragrance and interest.  Choose a mixture of climbers designed to flower throughout the year.

Planting Designs

Create a unified scheme with these ready made planting combinations

Plants for Full Sun

Fill those sunny areas with year round colour, fragrance and interest

Shade Plants

Shady areas can be stunning when planted abundantly