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Middle Layer Bulbs

Spring Bulb Lasagne

tulips watercolour

Yay!  Tulip season is that time of year when you seriously know Winter is OVER!! The soil really is your canvas and tulips provide the perfect palette.


Tulips are split into Earlies, Mids and Lates.  Planting a combination of these three types gives you the longest tulip season. Tulips can be planted in varying depths within the middle layer of your lasagne. Earlies planted at 15cm will flower first, but you can plant Earlies at a depth of 20 cm and they will take another week or so to flower.  If you repeat this process of varying planting depths for Mids and Lates too you really maximise your Spring flower power.  This process gives me two months of non stop tulips.

I like to plant them amongst other plants. It's really important to let the bulb leaves yellow off after flowering, this can look ugly but if they are planted amongst summer flowering plants the leaves of those are emerging  and bulking up just in time to disguise the tulip leaves.  Isn't nature wonderful like that?

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