A brilliant design option for new build gardens or gardens lacking interest.  This brings together all aspects of your garden including soil type, sun levels, planting requirements ie. providing privacy.  A detailed, scaled planting plan is created with planting and lifetime care instructions.  


Designed to flower year round, easy to look after once established.  An abundantly planted garden giving explosions of colour in all seasons is the single biggest contribution you can make to improve biodiversity supporting our amazing pollinators and other valuable wildlife.  The best thing of all is a well planted border leaves no room for weeds.  Endless beauty and less work - gardening does not get better than this. This is the perfect option for new builds or gardens with a serious lack of mojo.  Every garden can be utterly transformed using the power of great planting.

We can supply all plants and bulbs and are guaranteed to be cheaper than retail.   

Garden Survey

Full survey comprising :

  • Soil PH and composition

  • Sun and Shade Map

  • Garden Style

  • Colour Consult

  • Planting Style Brief

Hands in the Soil

Spring Flowering Lasagne

Six months of extra flowering from a bespoke Bulb Lasagne Recipe for your garden.  Starting with the humble Crocus in February so essential for early bees, two months of Tulips by using a combination of Early, Mid & Late flowerers through to summer flowering of large Allium and Lilies.   

1 plant layering 5_png.png

Planting Choices

We use a combination of Plant Layering and 'Right Plant, Right Place' philosophy to create a long flowering successional border using Hardy Perennials.  These are plants that can withstand our cold winters and return every year reliably.  In addition we can look at great screening plants/trees to add privacy and create zones

trees for privacy.gif

Annual Seed Mix

We also provide a bespoke recipe of annual seeds to complement your summer planting.  These are always 'throw and grow' seeds.  Gardening does not get easier than this!  These seeds add extra colour in the first summer while your summer plants are getting going.

1 plant layering_png.png