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Creating a Cutting Patch

Flower Farm

Creating your own cutting patch is an easy project and very rewarding.


Taking around 2 square metres and using a mixture of perennials, bulbs, corms, tubers and seeds, it's a lovely way to grow  your own flowers. 

how to create a cutting patch


Clear a patch of soil in full or semi sun.

If you want maximum production over many months, split  into two sections.  One for Spring Bulbs which as they finish will then be used for seeds.  Another for Summer Bulbs & seeds. 

The reason for this is to avoid disturbing the Spring Bulbs once they are planted  by trying to add Summer Bulbs.  

Add beautiful foliage plants around the perimeter.   Make sure you can access each bed without walking over it,  divide them with small paths if you need to.

Spring Flowers

Plant Spring Flowering bulbs in Winter.  Follow instructions given on planting a Bulb Meadow.  I would add to this a Perennial Tulip Collection or any of the Tulip Collections.  Lovely foliage/companion plants to accompany your spring bulbs are Erysimum and Euphorbia's  details below in Foliage & Filler.

Direct Sow Seeds

Direct sow seeds or 'throw and grow' seeds are the greatest part of gardening.  As well using a cutting patch for seeds, I like to scatter them around young plants to fill any gaps in soil.  The combinations are endless.  There are plenty of direct sow plants that are 'cut and come again' which means the more you cut for the vase the more flowers they produce.  Super cheap, super easy, super productive.  Find out more at Seed Collections

Summer Bulbs

Summer bulbs are planted in Spring.  Inject oodles of drama with Dahlia's, Gladioli, Crocosmia.  These vibrant beauties often go on flowering unto first frosts.  Find out more at Summer Bulb Collections

Foliage & Fillers

Always overlooked and yet these are the very plants that will create a polished arrangement.  Think of the difference between a dozen roses bought at the late night garage versus a dozen roses from a good florist.  The difference is the addition of wonderful, interesting foliage plants and accompanied by harmonising filler plants.  Plant these amongst borders or as an edging row around your flower patch.  Check out Foliage & Fillers

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