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Direct Sow Seeds

The easiest gardening of all

Direct sow seeds or 'throw and grow' seeds are exactly as they sound.  Weed a patch of ground, water it well, sprinkle some seeds, sprinkle a small amount of compost over the top and let nature work her magic. 

direct sow cutting garden seeds for sale by all year bloom

Seed Glossary

Hardy Annuals - HA / Half Hardy Annuals - HHA*

Annuals are a quick and easy way to bring colour into your garden from seed.  Flowering the same year as sown, Half Hardy Annuals (HHA) need to be sown after all risk of frost has passed. Most annuals produce seed pods which means they do tend to return each year.

Biennials - BI

Biennials flower the year after they are sown.  Useful to sow in late summer and autumn for flowering the following year

Tender Perennials - TP* / Hardy Perennials - HP

Perennials once sown return year on year.    Tender Perennials may not survive wet, cold winters.  Hardy Perennials are reliable normally down to -10 Deg C

* Due to the shorter growing year in Scotland it's recommended that HHA & TP be started indoors in a conservatory or sunny windowsill.

Image by Miguel Teirlinck

We are beavering away on this page right now adding loads of gorgeous seeds for you

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