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Designer Bulb Meadow

Create a Spring lawn

spring lawn

A one metre square area of lawn underplanted with bulbs, can provide months of the nectar and pollen required for our precious bees.  With 22 million gardens in the UK, imagine if we all planted a Spring Lawn Bulb Meadow.  We have created an epic collection of bulbs that can be planted in grass, and is designed to flower successively for months.  Flowering starts in February and doesn't stop until Summer.   These bulbs are a combination of species bulbs and naturalising bulbs , meaning they increase in numbers as the years go by.  Not only an investment in nature but a precious gift to give yourself. 


Winter and Spring flowers give hope that lighter, brighter days that are coming. 

spring lawn


You won't be able to cut the grass until June, so give it a good, hard cut in November.  Plant bulbs in November using a trowel or bulb planter.  Plant bulbs approximately 3 times their depth.  Plant 'pointy' side up.  These bulb collections look best when planted densely in a ribbon.  This allows grass cutting on either side, which keeps things looking neat.  Scatter bulbs randomly within your chosen planting area, don't line them up in rows.  Bulbs can be close but not touching.   

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