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Top Layer Bulbs

Spring Bulb Lasagne

Crocus Background

Crocus and Iris Reticulata are the most important plants you can ever add to your garden.  With climate change it's common for early bees to emerge in early Spring to find nothing in flower.  As well as being the top layer of the bulb lasagne in borders they are also suitable for planting in lawns as flowering and foliage die back is over by the time grass cutting starts in April. 


If you want to learn more about planting up a ribbon of lawn with Spring Bulbs check out our epic Bulb Meadow


Anemone Coronaria are not suitable for planting in lawns.  These are fabulous at the front of borders or in pots.  Save some to plant in Spring for flowering in Summer. 


All the Spring Flowering Bulbs are equally good in pots (sunny position) or in the border.  Bulbs will tolerate anything thrown at them during the winter. It's wet summers that can affect their ability to return in following years.  This is why it's recommended to add grit or gravel to the planting hole to aid drainage when they are storing energy for the following year.  Keep pets away from unplanted bulbs.

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